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Why hello there, child. Why yes, I do write gay fanfiction. Why yes, you may read it with no shame. Embrace your inner gay.

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Here's chapter two :3 Hope you guys enjoy it <3

Harry made his way downstairs into the dungeons, focusing on getting to Snape's office.

'This is dumb.' Harry thought. Why should he be taking 'extra potions class' during Christmas break? He wasn't that bad, right?

Harry finally reached the door of head of Slytherin's office. He rapped the door, and a tall, slim figure with greasy,  withovergrown black hair stood before him. The man possessed a hooked nose and a permanent look of annoyance. He curled his lip. "Five minutes late, Potter." He said harshly. Harry glared at him.

"Yeah well in case you haven't noticed, this castle is pretty big and it takes a while to get around." He sneered. 
Snape bit his lip. "Which is why, Potter, that we leave early when traveling somewhere far. But perhaps, you already know this... being the 'Boy Who Lived'? So tell me, what held you back?"

Harry glared with a more menacing look than before. "I'm here, aren't I?" He growled.
Snape returned the glare. "Very well, Potter." He said through barred teeth, harshly straining the t's. "10 points from Gryffindor for being late to class..." Harry rolled his eyes, thinking Snape was done. But no, Snape continued. "10 more points from Gryffindor for arguing with me," he went on, Harry opened his mouth to argue, but Snape ignored him and continued. "10 more points from Gryffindor for being a pest."

Harry felt like saying "But that's not fair!" Or "you can't do that!" But before he could anything but open his mouth slightly, Snape decided to speak again. 
"That's 30 points from Gryffindor so far, Potter. Shall you lose any more than you already have?" He said irritably. Harry glared at him once more. "Fine. Alright, let's get started." Harry said shortly, shoving the professor out of his way and entering the classroom. 
"10 points from Gryf--" Snape started, but Harry interrupted. 
"What this time!?" Harry yelled, slamming into his seat next to Snape's desk.
Snape's lip curled. "For shoving me, your professor, out of your path. You will not treat me with such disrespect, Potter." He explained through gritted teeth. Harry rolled his eyes.
"Just take away another 10 points for me breathing too, won't you?" He snapped. Snape started toward his desk, acting as if he hadn't heard Harry's comment, and starting writing on the board. A list of ingredients appeared.
"Begin." Snape commanded, and he needn't say it twice; Harry wanted very badly for the lesson to just be over with.
After two and a half hours of mere torcher, the clock finally read 12:00, which was lunch time. Inside, Harry's heart leapt. He's finally free from Snape for the day!
Snape erased the board and examined Harry's potion. His expression looked mixed with puzzlement and disappointment. 
"Two and a half hours, Potter... and still, you remain dreadful at making potions." He muttered. "No, this will not do, Potter. You will stay here for lunch and continue working on your potion until perfection." Harry's face flushed. Snape was not going to keep him from eating! "But Professor, I must eat-- I- I won't be able to finish in time!" Harry argued, wearing an expression of fury. Snape cut him off. "Enough, Potter." He commanded, "you will stay here. I will send for Draco Malfoy to help you, being my top potions student. He will bring you your meal." He explained shortly. "But--" Harry started, but Snape interrupted. "If you wish to argue, Potter, I would have no problem taking 50 points from Gryffindor."

Harry glared at him. Snape turned on his heel and made his way out. Harry sat there, alone, for what felt like hours(but was certainly only about 15 minutes) trying to solve the mystery of brewing potions. How does it work? Why doesn't it work for me? He thought to himself, brewing the shiny liquid in the small cauldron. The liquid turned a yellow color. But according to the book, the potion should be red by now. Harry groaned. Why did potion brewing have to be so hard? His stomach growled at him, it felt as if the beasts that lay in the middle of his stomach threatened to tear their way out any minute. He just wanted this to be over. He sat in the dungeon, sweat dripping from his forehead. What was he doing wrong? Harry couldn't think of how he could've messed up.

Harry repeated the steps over and over again in his mind, making sure he's memorized them before starting again. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by three knocks at the dungeon's door, causing him to jump, spilling some of the sad excuse for a potion out of his cauldron and into his robes. Harry squealed, and someone laughed.

"Nice one, Potter." A snobby voice said sarcastically. Harry sighed. He knew who it was. He had almost forgotten that Snape had said he would bring Malfoy up to help him with potions.

Harry looked at the tall, handsome figure that stood before him. He held out one of the china plates that lay on each house's table every meal. The plate was full of food. Harry's stomach seemed to have caught scent of the delicious food, for it started grumbling. Harry blushed. The rumbling noise his small stomach had made wasn't quiet; no, in fact, it was quite loud.

Malfoy smirked. "Hungry, are we, Potter?" He said, setting the plate into the desk which Harry sat. Harry tried hard not to eat like a pig, but it was very hard not to; he hadn't eaten all day.

"Geez, Potter! You must really be starving." Malfoy joked, pulling up a chair to Harry's desk. Harry didn't seem to hear Malfoy's comment.

Malfoy smirked again. "I'd rather not be here, I'd rather be in Azkaban, really." He said. Harry pulled his head from his plate and wiped his mouth. 
"Let's get started then, shall we?" Malfoy demanded, reaching for the book that lay beside Harry's hand.
Attempting to grasp the book, Malfoy accidentally grabbed Harry's hand.

There it was again! That weird, odd, electric feeling! It traveled like crazy through both boys. Malfoy snatched his hand from Harry's faster than anything Harry had seen before, and they both stared at each other, both sharing expressions of both confusion and enjoyment. For some reason, the tingling sensation made the two oddly giddy inside. Course, they wouldn't admit it... not in front of eachother.

"What-- was that?" Malfoy blinked. 
"I- I dunno..." Harry said, and serious he was too, Harry couldn't explain the odd phenomenon. Harry shook his head. 
"Anyway, let's get started now..." he suggested.
Malfoy held back. "Hold on... you have something on your face..." he let him know. Harry turned to face the blond's eyes. "Huh? Where?" He asked, feeling around his own face.

"Right-- right there." Malfoy said, pointing at his own chin. Harry attempted to find it, but couldn't. Malfoy finally sighed. "How thick can you be, Potter?" He whispered irritably. He placed his hand on Harry's chin and began to rub the spot stained with a piece of food.

Harry blushed. He kinda liked when Malfoy rubbed his chin like that. After noticing Harry's red cheeks, and to Harry's disappointment, Malfoy quickly removed his warm hand from Harry's soft, beautiful skin. He blushed.

"Er-- anyway, where were we?" He said, trying to forget the awkward moment that had just previously occurred.

The next 10 minutes were silent, both of the boys couldn't forget about what had just happened, so just decided to lock themselves up inside their own thoughts. The only words that came from Malfoy's mouth were directions for Harry to follow.

When it was time to brew, Harry completely humiliated himself. To Malfoy, Harry probably looked like an idiot. He didn't even know how to brew. And to believe that he had beaten Voldemort so many times...

"Wow, no wonder you need extra lessons." Malfoy snorted. "You're dreadful!"

Harry blushed a light pink. "Yeah... you don't have to rub it in." He mumbled. 
Malfoy smirked. "What's wrong? Did I upset you, Potty?" He mocked, scanning over the directions. He let a sigh that kinda spoke as an "fine I'll help you".

"Let me see..." Malfoy ordered. Harry kept his hand on the brewing stick. Malfoy sighed. "Fine then. See, you do it like this." 
Malfoy scooted closer to Harry and wrapped his arms around his hands, monitoring his every move. Harry blushed, and Malfoy seemed to have taken notice, for he blushed as well. "So first you mix it counterclockwise..." and he moved his and Harry's hands, wrapped around the stick, in a circle. "See? It's not hard." He showed.

Harry nodded. Both boys jumped when they heard the door creak open. "Are you two finished yet?" Snape croaked.

"Just about, professor." Malfoy said. Snape raised a brow, scanning the scene that played in front of him. Harry realized what Snape was looking at... he was examining his and Malfoy's hands, both folded on top of each other, he noticed how close they were, how Harry could feel Malfoy's breath, how he could smell his delightful cologne... how Malfoy's arms wrapped around Harry's... both boys realized how close they were, and quickly broke free, blushing.

They sat in a long silence, Harry tried his best to keep eye contact from Snape. But that didn't stop him from feeling the burning sensation that occurred when Snape was giving you the death glare... Snape cleared his throat.

"Potter, you are dismissed. That's enough for today." He said, a hint of fury in his trembling voice. Harry didn't need to be told twice. He shoved his things in his bag, Malfoy tried to get up too, but Snape cut him off with a deep glare. Harry hurried out of the room and closed the door behind him. Uh oh. This couldn't be good...

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So I decided to post this fanfiction on here because a whole lot of people on Wattpad really enjoyed it, (21,000+ to be exact) SO some friends of mine encouraged me to post it on here. Enjoy!!

(This is a Drarry fanfiction from Harry Potter))

It was a cold, winter morning. It was a day before Hogwarts started on winter break, so most students were packing their trunks getting ready to leave on the Hogwarts Express.

Harry, of course, had to stay behind at Hogwarts for the holidays. The Dursleys hated and neglected Harry. They could care less about what he did for Christmas. But not much students stayed for the holidays, Harry guessed that most people actually had families who loved them. Ron and Hermione planned on staying at Hogwarts with him, they didn't want him to be alone.

''I really hope my parents say yes, Harry. I wouldn't want you spending the holidays alone!'' Hermione said, shivering in her orange and scarlett scarf. ''I sent an owl out to my parents this morning. I hope they respond with a 'yes' before tonight, otherwise I'm gonna have to go anyway.'' she continued.

''Why's that?'' Harry asked, looking at her pink face after they had just entered through the school's doors after walking in the snow.

''Isn't it obvious?'' She began, ''You have to register for the Hogwarts express at least one day in advance. The likely answer will probably be no, considering how late I was at asking them.'' she frowned.

''It's alright, Hermione. I understand if you can't stay.'' He lied. He really wanted Ron and Hermione to stay with him for Christmas. If they left, he'd be the only Gryffindor staying for the break. He gave a weak smile as the three walked through the school corridors, heading for the common room.

''I don't know if my mom would approve of me staying over, Harry.'' Ron sighed. He looked disappointed. ''See, my dad's been planning to take us for pictures with Father Christmas at a muggle mall for years now. But my mom always told him that it was nonsense. He finally convinced her this year and he was really excited about it.''

''Oh. It's okay, Ron. You spend Christmas with your family.'' Harry said, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice. But he guessed it didn't work, because both Ron and Hermione looked at him with an expression of pure pity.

''I'm really sorry, Harry.'' Hermione reminded him. Harry forced a smile. ''It's fine, really.'' He assured them.

When they reached the common room, Hermione plopped into one of the cozy chairs by the fire. She ripped her scarf off and sighed.

Ron rubbed his hands in the fire, and pulled them to his cheeks. ''Wonder what's for dinner.'' He said. ''I hope we're having kidney-and-stake pie!'' Hermione drooled, looking at the fire. The flames reflected in her eyes.

Harry didn't want to spend Christmas alone. Atleast he would have the whole common room to himself, right? He tried to cheer himself up, but nobody he knew seemed to have been staying. He sighed.

After about 20 minutes of talking, Hermione suggested that they should go up to dinner in the Great Hall.

As they walked into the noisy Great Hall, they watched as Professor Flitwick hung up Christmas ornaments with charms, and as Professor Mcgonagall hung decorations all over the hall. There were tons of mistletoe, and gold ribbon decorated each house's table.

Ron, Hermione, and Harry sat at the Gryffindor table and started filling their plates. ''I wonder if anyone else is staying, Harry.'' Ron said, stuffing bread into his mouth.

''Malfoy is, I think.'' Hermione said casually, not thinking. ''WHAT?'' Ron bellowed. ''Calm down!'' She whispered loudly. ''You don't need to yell!''

Harry groaned. Great. Not only were his friends probably not going to be able to stay, but he was going to have to have private potions lessons with Snape over the holidays, AND he'd have to be stuck with Malfoy? Seriously? Life was not on good terms with Harry right now. Could this get any worse?

''I'm so sorry, Harry.'' Ron apologized, truly looking pitiful at the thought that he would have to stay with Malfoy. ''But atleast you'll get the common room to yourself, eh?'' He tried to cheer him up. But this only depressed Harry even more. He didn't want to spend Christmas all by himself! Christmas was about friendship and joy, and love. He didn't want to be all alone!

''I'd ask if you could come over to the Burrow for the holiday, but--'' Ron was interrupted by Harry's humble response. ''It's fine, Ron. I understand.''

Ron sighed. Harry could tell that Ron really did want to stay. Harry was glad he had such good friends.

''I'll send you a gift, Harry.'' Hermione promised, smiling. But before Harry could do anything more than smile back, an owl flew in and an envelope fell from it's foot and onto Hermione's plate. She nervously glanced at Ron, then to Harry, and then back to the envelope.

''It's from my parents.'' She said quietly, and opened the envelope. All three of them put their heads together and read the parchment.

Dear Hermione,

We're very sorry, dear-- but we simply cannot have you stay for the holidays. We know you want to be with your friends, but your aunt is ill and your mother is devastated, she very much wants to see you again. We hope you understand we'd like for you to come home this Christmas.

Lots of love,

Mom and Dad.

The three of them sighed. ''I'm so sorry, Harry.'' She whimpered. ''I thought I could talk them into letting me stay!'' She cried.

''It's fine, Hermione, really. There's always next Christmas.'' Harry said. Hermione flew her arms around him. ''Thank you for understanding, Harry! I knew you would!''

Ron growled quietly, and cleared his throat. ''We still haven't gotten the letter from my parents yet! I could still be able to stay.'' He said, trying to help Harry look a little more happy.

But just then, another owl flew in and swooped an envelope onto Ron's lap. He glanced at it, and quickly ripped it open.

''Well? What does it say?'' Hermione whispered, looking nervous. Ron's eyes moved from left to right over the paper. He scanned it atleast four or five times. ''Well?'' Hermione repeated, sounding a little more impatient this time. ''I-I can stay!'' He finally yelped, and Harry's eyes widened.

''Wait, really?'' He popped up. Harry had been sure that there was no way Ron could have stayed. ''Yeah! My mom said that they cancelled the Father Christmas pictures this year due to severe weather!'' He exclaimed.

Harry gave a sigh of relief. ''Oh, that's wonderful!'' Hermione laughed. ''So you two will have the whole common room to yourselves, then! Don't do anything I wouldn't do.''

The day ended on a high note. As everyone packed for the ride back home, Ron and Harry celebrated at the fact that they were to have the whole common room to themselves.

The following morning was hectic. Almost every student left the school and onto the Hogwarts Express. The train left in the afternoon, way later than anyone expected. Hermione gave both Harry and Ron a kiss on the cheek, and told them she'd remember to get them each something good for Christmas before loading onto the train. Ron and Harry saw her off, then quickly ran back into the Gryffindor common room. Harry hopped onto one of the two velvet couches and pulled his knees up to his chest.

''Yes! We got the whole place to ourselves!'' Ron exclaimed. ''What should we do first?''

Harry had an excellent idea on what to do, but before he could answer, Harry and Ron paused. They heard the portrait swing open, and a familiar voice whined, ''Why can't I stay in my common room?'' It said. Ron and Harry exchanged a look. It sounded an awful lot like Malfoy. But it couldn't be, Malfoy wasn't allowed in here, he was a Slytherin.

Harry watched as Professor Mcgonagall pulled Malfoy by his robes into the common room. ''Ah, hello, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley. I'm glad you two are here!'' She said. Malfoy glared at her, trying not to make eye contact with the two Gryffindors standing in front of him. Harry glanced over his shoulder and saw Ron gaping at the sight, then he turned back to Professor Mcgonagall.

''Er-- Professor? What is this?'' He asked, trying to think of a reason that Malfoy may be here.

''I'm glad you ask, Mr. Potter.'' She began as the Slytherin scowled, ''Mr. Malfoy is the only Slytherin staying at Hogwarts this holiday, you see, and Professor Dumbledore has requested that he not be alone. I thought it would do him good to be around students his age, so instead of putting him with a bunch of 1st year Ravenclaws, which was my only other option, I decided to have him stay with you two.'' She explained.

Ron and Harry exchanged looks. Why had Dumbledore not wanted Malfoy alone? ''Oh, er... okay.'' Harry said, glaring at Malfoy. ''Excellent.'' She said, clapping her hands. ''I'll be going now, have--er-- fun.'' She climbed back out of the portrait.

''Well then...'' Harry said awkwardly.

''Shut up, Potter.'' Malfoy commanded quickly.

''Hey, in case you haven't noticed, you're in our  common room now!'' Ron reminded him, glaring at him with the deepest loathing. Harry was sure that maybe Ron hated Malfoy way more than Harry had.

''Trust me, I've noticed. Not much, if you ask me.'' Malfoy said coolly.

''Well I didn't ask you, so shut up.'' Ron snarled. Malfoy rolled his eyes.

''Why can't you be in your own common room?'' Harry asked. Malfoy tore his eyes off of Ron and back onto Harry.

''I don't know, Potter. Why don't you ask Dumbledork yourself, since you two are so close.'' He mocked. Harry ignored him, and looked around the room. ''Well I guess you can sleep on the couch.'' He said rudely. ''It's comfortable enough.''

Malfoy rolled his eyes again, and landed the bag of things he had onto the velvet cushions.

Ron kept a close eye on him, as if he were waiting for any sign of dark magic in his bag.

''What are you looking at?'' He growled, and Ron jumped. Malfoy snickered, and went back to unpacking his things onto the couch.

''I'm going to bed now.'' Ron mumbled to Harry, and marched up the stairs leading to the dormitories, leaving Harry and Malfoy alone.

''The fire feels nice in here, I have to admit.'' Malfoy said, seating himself on the cozy, long couch. He stared at the flames.

Harry looked at him suspiciously. ''Oh, er-- thanks. I guess...'' He said awkwardly, staring at Malfoy, who was sitting directly across from him on the opposite couch.

''Got a problem, Potter?'' Malfoy asked sarcastically after noticing from the corner of his eye, that Harry had been staring. Harry blushed. He pretended to clear his throat. ''Oh, er-- no, no. I just--'' ''You just want to know why I'm in here and not in the Slytherin common room.'' Malfoy interrupted.

Harry was surprised. That was exactly what he had been wondering. ''Er-- yes, actually.''

''Well forget it. Dumbledore won't even tell me why. I guess it's for safety reasons or something. I don't know.'' He said.

Harry tore his gaze off of Malfoy and onto the fire.

''So I'm guessing your family rejected for Christmas as well?'' Harry guessed, trying his best to sound irritated.

Malfoy's eyes widened. ''My family business is none of your concern, Potter. I'll have you know, that my  family actually enjoys my company!''

Harry felt his insides boiling. He bit his lip. ''Then why are you here, then?'' He growled.

''I-- because I--''

Harry rolled his eyes. ''I thought so.'' He said irritably.

''So where's Granger then?'' Malfoy demanded.

''None of your business.'' Harry mumbled. ''Why do you want to know?''

''Just wanted to know why that mudblood friend of yours wasn't with you two.'' Malfoy said coolly.

''Stop calling her a mudblood.'' Harry said through gritted teeth. Malfoy rolled his eyes.

''I'll call her what I want.'' He rebuked.

Harry felt his insides boiling. Harry heard Hermione's voice in his head, ''Just ignore him, don't react.'' it said, and he managed not to start an argument with Malfoy.

''Well? You're not gonna get mad and yell at me or something?'' Malfoy asked, turning his head to Harry and wearing an expression of genuine interest.

''I-I've been practicing my temper.'' Harry said, Harry had always had a bad temper. ''But don't get too used to it. It's only because we're in the Christmas season that I'm not ripping your head off right now.''

Malfoy snorted. ''Since when have you been nice even during Christmas time?''

''I'm nice, just not to you.'' Harry explained shortly.

''Ah. Of course.'' Malfoy said flatly. ''And why's that?''

''Because-- because...''

''Say no more, Potter. Seriously your voice is annoying." Harry rolled his eyes. "Trust me, your voice isn't any better." He said.

Malfoy smirked. "This common room is absolutely trashy compared to Slytherin's; must be because most of the Gryffindorks are poor mudbloods... can't have high standards." He sneered.

"Don't call them mudbloods!" Harry said through gritted teeth. 
"And what are you gonna do about it, Potter? Yell at me, maybe even cry?" Malfoy smiled cruelly.

Harry was reminded of Uncle Vernon's temper, he thought he could feel a vein throbbing from inside his temple. Malfoy was so annoying. He'd better shut up if he wants to keep that pretty little face of his! That perfect face with the perfect jawline and misty eyes, the perfectly curved lips, the shiny blonde hair. Harry wanted so bad to punch him, he wanted to rid the abnormally perfect face from it's cruel smirk.

"What's wrong? Crookshanks got your tongue? Wouldn't surprise me... Potty's lost for words. Probably thinking of an insult to throw back at me... trying to keep your temper under control, are we? We'll fix that." Malfoy smirked yet again, waiting for Harry to say something back. By this time, Harry's face was red out of anger, he was furious with Malfoy.

Malfoy's face fell after the long silence. "So? You're not gonna do anything?" He asked, looking disappointed. Harry soon realized that Malfoy was just trying to get to his head... trying to make him angry. Perhaps Malfoy planned on making Harry so cross, that he would finally break and punch him... probably wanting to get him in trouble. Harry admitted to himself that Malfoy at least succeeded at putting the idea into his head, but luckily Harry had been practicing his temper and decided not to act. Harry merely rolled his eyes. Though he enjoyed seeing Malfoy disappointed.

Harry stood to his feet. "I'm going to bed. You should behave. If I were you I'd sleep with one eye open." He advised.

"Are you threatening me?" Malfoy interrogated.
"Possibly." Harry responded, "No funny business." 
Malfoy irritably nodded. "Fine. But only because I'd rather not have points taken from Slytherin." 

Harry tried walking to his dorm, but was stopped in action by a warm hand to his wrist. "Hold on, wait!" Malfoy said. The contact was strange...when the hand touched him, an electric sensation traveled through his body, starting from his wrist to his head, and down to his feet. It felt warm, and fuzzy. But what was it? Why had the contact with Malfoy's hand caused such an odd feeling? Did Malfoy just jinx him? Malfoy seemed to have caught the same feeling, for when it ended he snatched his hand from Harry's wrist.

"What was that?" The two boys gasped in unison. Their eyes locked for a minute until Harry broke the eye contact. "What do you want?" He gulped. Malfoy looked confused, perhaps he hadn't known what the feeling came from either. 
"Er... I was just gonna ask where the toilet was."

"Oh-right. Well we have a bathroom in the boys dorm that I guess you can use..." Harry said disapprovingly. "But don't think I'm letting you use it for better quality; it's the only one here that we can get into. I mean unless you find a way into the girl's dorm." 
"Alright then, Potter. Please do continue leaving my presence now, it would be appreciated." Malfoy smirked. 
"I'm not leaving for your sake, Malfoy." Harry said irritably. "Trust me, leaving your presence is much more of a treat for me than you." He glared, and started up the stairs.

When he reached the dorm, he collapsed onto his bed. Ron was still awake.

"That prat!" Ron growled. "Why can't he stay in his own filthy common room?"

Harry shrugged. "I wish Professor Mcgonagall would have sent him to sleep with those Ravenclaws... Does she even know how much we loath him?" Ron continued.

Harry agreed. They hated Malfoy, didn't she know that? Everyone did...

"And I still have the private lessons with Snape tomorrow...  ugh." Harry whined. He was not at all excited for the following morning.

Harry woke up early the following morning with a disapproving groan. He was in the middle of a good dream, and he had just remembered about the private lessons. Ron was still sleeping, so Harry quietly slipped on some clothes and tiptoed down the stairs.

Harry might of forgotten Draco had to stay in the Gryffindor common room, for when he heard his gentle snores he jumped almost a mile away. 
Harry paused. He looked at him. Gross. Malfoy looked gross. Despite Harry's mind telling him that Malfoy actually looked beautifully attractive, he refused to agree. He wanted to think that everything about Malfoy was imperfect, but he couldn't find any flaws in his appearance. Sure Malfoy was a total prat and jerk, but Harry had to admit that he was very attractive. Harry rolled his eyes at his self and walked out of the common room.

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